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This website is no longer active but has been left for reference and archive purposes only.  Please visit our new website at for details of current activity.

Informing policy for an economically competitive, socially inclusive network society

EURIM is the expert group for internet and information society policy.  Our new website is at

The internet and broader information society offer unprecedented opportunities for delivering services efficiently and inclusively in the public interest and for ensuring the UK is competitive in a global marketplace.

EURIM brings together industry experts, observers from the civil service, professional bodies, charities and trade associations to help identify solutions to policy, regulatory and legislative problems impacting UK competitiveness and to help ensure taxpayers' money is spent efficiently.

EURIM is not a lobby group and does not participate in lobbying. Our technical working groups produce consensus based reports and recommendations, launched and disseminated at high profile events attended by our members both in the UK and Brussels.

EURIM has a memorandum of understanding with the European Internet Foundation in Brussels.



Identity Assurance: BCS urges greater involvement from the financial, business and legal sectors in future Internet Governance Fora, advising that “There is an urgent need for the development of pragmatic models that build on the successes of federated trust in international banking, international use of credit and debit cards and international use of phones.  More...


EURIM Response to the Government Consultation on Open


09/06/12 - EURIM Summer Reception: Driving the Digital Single Market


Press Release - MP welcomes new industry group on telehealth and telecare

Public sector needs to improve quality of information, warns Eurim
The Guardian | 19/12/2011


26/11/12 - Digital Single Market Group Meeting


16/10/12 - Data Protection Subgroup Meeting

03/09/12 - Digital Single Market Group Meeting

09/07/12 - Meeting to review the EU Regulation "on electronic identification and trusted services for electronic transactions in the
internal market"

20/06/12 - Telehealth & Telecare Subgroup Meeting

11/06/12 - Inaugural meeting of the Cross-Border Transactions
SubgroupEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only

For more details contact:



Policy Studies Prospectus 2011

Quality of Information - Improving the Evidence Base Improving the Evidence Base or The cost of Poor quality data - Presentation from 29 June 2011
Why world-class Identity Governance is central to UK economic performance EURIM Response to the Public Administration Select Committee IT Good Governance Enquiry New Members' Briefing pagesEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
(members only at present while under construction, password required)

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