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EURIM Cybersecurity & E-Crime Working Group

The objectives are:

  • To help ensure that our growing reliance on the online world is not inhibited by fear of e-crime and the consequences of failure to ensure adequate cybersecurity.

  • To help preserve and enhance the global competitiveness of the UK by making it a natural hub for global law enforcement, both civil (including contracts and disputes) and criminal.

  • To help ensure democratically accountable regimes for partnership (law enforcement and industry) policing and cybersecurity both nationally and internationally.

Introduction, Objectives and Strategy

Forward Programme & Forthcoming Meetings

Electronic Impersonation Subgroup

Recent Meetings

Group Outputs (Papers and Briefings)

Reviews of Legislation

Youth Engagement

Other Relevant Documents & Links

Members Page – for meeting details, minutes, working drafts, and additional group information

Previous work programme for this group


Introduction, Objectives & Strategy

This group builds on previous exercises to identify the scale and nature of e-crime and the need for a partnership response.  It is now focussed on mobilising the support necessary to turn past recommendations into action, without risking a crisis of confidence by public scare-mongering.

The need for action and for industry-led partnership is accepted. We have a plethora of fragmented awareness, intelligence, crime-prevention, data protection, regulatory, monitoring and surveillance exercises. The need is now to use practical co-operation to join these up and demonstrate what successful industry-led partnership looks like.

The strategy is to build on success by encouraging those serious about protecting their businesses and their customers to support exercises which work and have the potential to achieve critical mass, bypassing the rivalries and politics which have led to the current fragmentation and giving targeted publicity to those who want, need and deserve it. The group is therefore focussed on providing a catalyst for practical co-operation across changing organisational regulatory and jurisdictional boundaries, to handle challenges that are also changing over time.

Parliamentary Chairman: Rt Hon Alun Michael MP
Parliamentary Vice Chairman: Stephen Mosley MP
Industry Chairman: To be confirmed
Industry Vice Chairmen: Awareness: David King (ISSA), Martin Smith (SASIG)
Small Firms: David Ransom, (PUAC)
Online Impersonation: Daniel Chapman (TNT)
Youth Engagement: Anu Khurmi (IBM)
Events Programme: Sue Daley (Symantec)
Rapporteurs: Dan Mount and Philip Virgo
Parliamentary Monitors: Rt Hon David Blunkett MP, Lord Erroll, Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate, Lord Harris of Haringey, Mark Pritchard MP
Industry Executive: Paul King (CISCO), Martin Hoskins (Everything Everywhere)
Members: Alcatel-Lucent, Aletheia International, AT&T, Atkins, Barnardo's, BCS, BT, Cassidian, CILIP, Cisco, Citibank, CPHC, Everything Everywhere, Experian, FCS, Fujitsu, Gemalto, IBM, IdenTrust, Intellect, ISACA, ISC2, LINX, Logica, Microsoft, Nominet, RIM, Royal Mail, SAS Institute, SOCITM, Symantec, The Law Society, Trend Micro, UK Payments, VocaLink.
Observers and Partners: BCRC, BIS, Cabinet Office, CEOP, Childnet, City of London Police, Conservative Technology Forum, CPS, Cumbria Police, DCMS, Digital Systems KTN - Cyber Security Programme, ERA, e-skills, E-Victims, GCHQ, Get Safe Online, Home Office, House of Commons Library, IAAC, ICF, ICO, IWF, JANET, Jill Dando Institute, Met Police, MoJ, NAO, NCC, NeCPC, NFA, North Wales Police, NPIA, OCSIA, OII, PCEU, People United Against Crime, POST, Skills for Justice, SOCA, TUFF, UK NTAC, Welsh Government.


2012 Work Programme & Forthcoming Meetings

The current work programme is focussed on identifying areas for practical co-operation and bringing together teams that will demonstrate the success of industry led partnership. The teams currently operational or planned include:

Awareness: the aim is to cross-fertilise consumer oriented campaigns (e.g. Get Safe Online, Bank Safe Online, Race Online etc) with staff and customer information security education programmes and to link both to the marketing plans of those who want more of their current and potential customers to transact with them online, confidently and securely. This subgroup is chaired by Martin Smith (The Security Company). It aims to bring together the Information Security Awareness Forum, the Security Awareness Special Interest Group, the National Fraud Authority, UK Payments and those running most of the main current campaigns.

Skills: the aim is to improve the provision and take-up of modular training (at all levels from first entry and end-user to professional updating), when, where and how needed, to enable employers to fill skills gaps, including by retraining existing staff. The strategy is to bring together professional bodies (BCS, CREST, ISACA, ISC2, IISP, ISSA etc.), sector skills councils (e-Skills, Skills4Justice and Financial Services) as well as users, suppliers, training providers and law enforcement and security agencies, using the creation of the security stream of the National Academy for IT as a catalyst. (this team is joint with Workforce Skills).

Small Firms: the aim is to bring together currently fragmented exercises to educate, accredit and support small firms as potential victims and as points of vulnerability in the supply chains of large organisation firms and consumers, so that they can better manage the risks to their business (including impersonation, fraud, charge backs etc.) at affordable cost. The strategy is to bring together those running local and regional initiatives, major organisations with large numbers of small firms in their supply chains, those seeking to support or sell to small firms and those working on national exercises, such as the Fighting Fraud Together team.  

Youth Engagement: the aim is to build on, replicate, support and spread current best practice in security awareness and online behaviour programmes, delivered via schools and youth groups, by drawing in additional resource, particularly university students and young mentors from industry. The subgroup is chaired by Anu Khurmi of IBM. The main current activity is support for YPNGlobal which has already delivered workshops for over 1,500 children, in co-operation with Childnet, CEOP, City of London Police, NPIA and a growing number of major employers, who use it as part of both their Corporate Social Responsibility and their Professional Development programmes.  

Online Impersonation, including Brand, Domain Name and Internet Address: to look at the issues from the view of the victims, beginning with co-operation to repair reputational damage and the use of existing legal frameworks to obtain redress (joint with Information Governance and Communications). The intention is to work in close co-operation with those working on Objective 21 of the Fighting Fraud Together Action Plan.

Security Procurement: to publicise and encourage good practice in the procurement of security products and services (including consultancy) and inclusion of security by design/default in mainstream planning and procurement (joint with Public Service Delivery and Information Governance).  The first target deliverable is guidance for the procurement and use of “trusted computing” products and services for systems which handle sensitive information which may be exchanged between organisations or transmitted over public networks.

Forthcoming Meetings

Date Description Time


Recent Meetings




17 Sep 12

UK Information Security Awareness Forum Meeting

28 Jun 12 Steering Group Whiteboard Mapping Session  
14 Jun 12 Meeting on the Co-ordination of Internet and Online Security and Fraud Awareness Programmes  
21 May 12 Joint meeting with Security Panel of IT Livery Company on Volunteering Programmes  
21 May 12 Cybersecurity Skills planning meeting  
01 May 12 Review of current situation, progress and plans Summary ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
24 Jan 12 CyberSecurity Strategy Review meeting to review how to help build high-level bridges between the main players and link the main initiatives in coherent “packages” to help secure well-informed and prioritised mainstream support, both industry and political. Summary ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
23 Sep 11 RIPA & the Riots Closed Workshop Summary Report
18 May 11 Group Meeting Summary Report
28 Feb 11 Cybersecurity Skills Meeting Presentation
Next Steps
e-skills UK: Work and Impact
IT Security Skills, Learning & Qualifications Proposal
08 Nov 10 Cybersecurity Skills Meeting Summary ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
26 Jan 10 e-Skills Planning Meeting Summary ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
30 Nov 09 Group Meeting Summary ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only

30 Mar 09

Group Meeting 



Group Outputs (Papers & Briefings)


Type of Output


Nov 10 Report Report of EURIM Workshop at the Parliament & Internet Conference - 14 Oct 10

Oct 08


Report of EURIM Workshop at the Parliament & Internet Conference - 16 Oct 08

Aug 08 Draft Paper E-Crime Atlas: Who Polices the Online World?EURIM Members & Registered Observers Only (draft for discussion only)

Jul 08


EURIM Online Child Protection Report - Draft v4


Other Relevant Documents and Links



Nov 10 Vodafone - Digital Parenting Magazine
Nov 10 Report of the Parliament and Internet Conference 2010
Oct 10

Presentation by Dr Michael Levi at Parliament & the Internet Conference, 14 October 2010: Steps towards Better e-Crime Management: Mapping Cybercrime Problems and the Ways they are Combated

Jun 10

UK Information Assurance Community Map (version 2)

Jun 10 Business Crime Reduction Centre - Cybercrime: SME ICT Security Programmes
Jun 10 Get Safe Online Executive Summary
May 10 CEOP e-Crime Reduction Partnership Briefing – Online Child Protection
Nov 09 Digital Economy Bill -
BIS Digital Economy Bill webpage -



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