EURIM Subgroup on Youth Engagement (including Child Protection and Careers Guidance)

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The objectives are:

  1. To support and spread current best practice in online security awareness and online behaviour programmes, delivered via schools and youth groups, by drawing in additional resource, particularly from industry and university mentors.

  2. To interest the younger generation in IT and Information Security careers by giving them positive experiences as well as practical guidance and materials.

The subgroup is chaired by Anu Khurmi who also leads the Cyber Champions initiative.

The main current activity for 2012 is support for Cyber Champions.

Cyber Champions is a community based initiative, launched by YPNGlobal at the Houses of Parliament in June 2011.  Since the launch young professionals have been delivering e-safety awareness workshops in schools across the country, to over 2,000 children. The initiative has attracted support from public, private and third sector organisations; including CEOP, City of London Police, NPIA, STEMNET, and a growing number of major employers and SMEs, who value it as part of both their Corporate Social Responsibility and their Professional Development programmes.

The Cyber Champions programme has galvanised support from organisations and young professionals across the UK.  Recognition events are held to celebrate the many success stories and to hear from young professionals, students and teachers.  To find out more take a look at the Cyber Champion Newsletters:

Newsletter 2
Newsletter 3
Safer Internet Day

School Children give Cyber Security Tips at Livery Company Showcase Event


The EURIM Youth Engagement subgroup are also seeking volunteers to help drive activities to produce information security careers advice and guidance. This activity stream will eventually interface with the Skills workstreams and the team will liaise with the relevant professional bodies, sectors skills councils and organisations promoting IT and Information Security.


Key meetings and events to date and upcoming:

Date Description
07 Feb 12 Workshops in support of Safer Internet Day
20 Feb 12 Planning Meeting joint with WCIT
20 Mar 12 Livery Showcase Event


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