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Meeting Details, Agendas, Tabled Papers and Minutes

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Meeting Details, Agendas, Tabled Papers and Minutes

Date Meeting Meeting Papers
7 Jun 06 Round table meeting with Nominet  
16 May 06 Review Meeting Draft ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
5 May 06 Review Meeting Draft ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
28 Apr 06 Review Meeting Draft ReportEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
15 Dec 05 Review of Progress Minutes
16 Sep 05 Meeting on Partnership Policing Report
15 Sep 05 Plenary Meeting Report
13 Jun 05 Meeting on Internet Safety & On-line Child Protection Initiatives Report
13 Apr 05 Review of Progress Report
14 Sep 04 Meeting on Reporting Report
9 Sep 04 Meeting on Legal Issues Report
7 Sep 04 Meeting on Skills Issues Report
7 Sep 04 Meeting on Reducing Vulnerabilities Report


Papers and Briefings



Jul 08 EURIM Online Child Protection Report - Draft v4
Mar 08 Comments on the Government Response to the Report of the House of Lords Enquiry on Personal Internet Safety
Comments from Philip VirgoEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
Comments from ISSAEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
Paper on "UK data retention requirements"EURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
Dec 07 Presentation by Philip Virgo to UK Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, 13th December 2007
Presentation      Speech
Nov 07 Summary of issues discussed at the Parliament & the Internet Conference on 18 October 2007, organised jointly by ApComms,  EURIM, BSG, ISPA, ITSPA & PITCOM.
Nov 07 Report of The Parliament & Internet Conference - 18th October 2007 Workshop on Tackling Crime & Achieving Confidence in the On-Line World
Nov 07 Summary of Feedback from the Workshops at the Consultation Conference hosted jointly by the Government (Department for Business) & Nominet to enable stakeholders to identify the main UK themes in preparation for the Internet Governance Forum at Rio (November 2007)EURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
Oct 07 Advance Note for EURIM session at "Parliament & the Internet" Conference on 18 October 2007: "Tackling Crime & Achieving Confidence in the On-Line World" - with Annexes 1 - 5

Technical Appendices to the 5 Annexes:
1. Cyber-Crime Reporting & Intelligence: How do we know what is happening?
2. From Awareness to Action? On-Crime Prevention Programmes
3. e-Security & Investigation Skills: A Joint Responsibility - but for whom?
4. Designing Out E-Crime: Removing vulnerabilities & reducing temptations
5. Cyber-Crime Investigation & Enforcement

Oct 07 Nominet Best Practice Workshop, 11 October 2007
chaired by Alun Michael MP

Executive Summary: Internet Governance & Tackling Crime
Mar 07 EURIM Press Release: Rt Hon Alun Michael JP MP calls for UK leadership at e-Crime Congress
Full Text
Oct 06 Map of Players & Initiatives - updated version of Appendix to 6th Discussion Paper
Oct 06 EURIM Response to DCA Consultation paper CP 9/06: Increasing penalties for deliberate & wilful misuse of personal data
Oct 06

Personal Internet Safety: Evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Science & Technology - Final DraftEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only

Aug 06 Discussion Paper for Security Stream of the Internet Governance Forum (to be held from 30 Oct to 2 Nov)
Aug 05 Margaret Moran MP Press Release: Fighting The Cyberwar Against Terrorism
Jan 05  Police Reform White Paper: EURIM submission
Jan 05 Press Release for Sixth Discussion Paper
Jan 05 Building Cybercommunities: Beating Cybercrime - Sixth Discussion Paper
Dec 04 Press Release for Fourth and Fifth Discussion Papers
Dec 04

The Reporting of Cybercrime - Fifth Discussion Paper

Dec 04

Reducing Opportunities for e-Crime - Fourth Discussion Paper

Oct 04 University Programmes Grid (Working Draft)
Jul 04 Progress Report

Jun 04

Current Internet Regulation Issues - Status Report for MPs

May 04

Supplying the Skills for Justice - Third Discussion Paper

Feb 04

Protecting the Vulnerable (Aimed at addressing the needs of small firms plus associated crime prevention material)

Jan 04

Policing: Building Safer On-line Communities Together - The response to the Police Reform consultation White Paper 

Dec 03

Partnership Policing for the Information Society - Overall discussion paper on the need for action, cross referenced to the following six working papers.

Dec 03

Roles & Procedures for Investigation

Dec 03

Legal Issues


Other Relevant Documents & Links

Date Title
Dec 07

Cyber Attacks
Links to documents regarding 2006 Cyber Attacks on the US Department of Commerce:

IHT Article: Cyber attack on U.S. nuclear arms lab linked to China

“Cyber Attacks: A Risk Management Primer for CEOs and Directors”

Oct 06

"Cyber City – Secure Cyberspace Imperative" - Speech by the Rt Hon Alun Michael MP, as Chair EURIM E-Crime Group

Apr 06 Revised Forward E-Crime StrategyEURIM Members & Registered Observers Only
Apr 06 Summary of policy points from Symantec Threat Analyses
Sep 05 Papers from OII Conference: Safety & Security in a Networked World
Sep 05 Webcast from OII Conference: Safety & Security in a Networked World
Sep 05 Review of Oxford Internet Institute Conference: Safety and Security in a Networked World
Dec 03

The Scale & Nature of Computer Assisted Crime

Extract reproduced from Superhighway Robbery,  by Newman and Clarke (ISBN 1-84392-018-2) based on discussion papers for the Foresight E-Crime programme.