EURIM Working Party on IPR 

Activities and outputs from 1997-2000
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Introduction and Terms of Reference

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Introduction and Terms of Reference

This group initially examined the draft Software, Database and Copyright Directives. The Copyright Directive rapidly became its primary focus as it made its passage through the European approvals process.  The WP worked closely with the officials who represented the UK at the regular meetings of member states as EURIM was one of the few involved organisations able to present a "neutral" approach to some very controversial issues.  The WP has been re-activated several times since then, to consider a range of intellectual property issues.

Minutes and other Archive documents are listed below and most are available in electronic form.  For further information or hard copies of papers not available online, please contact the

Group Outputs

Date Title Document type
4 Oct 2000 Working Party meeting: Copyright Directive - Common Position Minutes
14 Mar 2000 Workshop on Copyright Piracy on the Internet Summary Report
19 Jan 2000 Workshop on draft Copyright Directive Minutes
10 Jun 1999 Working Party meeting - Copyright Directive Minutes
4 Mar 1999 Working Party meeting - Copyright Directive  
27 Oct 1998 Working Party meeting - Copyright Directive  


Other Relevant Documents & Links



Document Type

Sep 1999 European Copyright Directive Status Report
Feb 1999 Dissent Over Copyright is About Unnecessary Detail Status Report
Sep 1997 Briefing 17: Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society Briefing


Documents that are not available online are available as hard copies.  Members should contact for hard copy versions. 



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